May 8, 2023Liked by Caroline Ross

the rarest of earths

yet omnipresent in thick veins

i feel your words viscerally

flowing through me

and meeting themselves

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May 8, 2023Liked by Caroline Ross

I always look forward to the emails I receive from you in my inbox. You bring joy and beauty into my life and the poems and artwork from the post today speak to me more than is typical. Thank you.

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Are you currently in Pennsylvania? Just yesterday - here in south-central PA - I was holding a smooth grey stone unearthed in our garden and wondering, what could this be? It creates the most lovely grey-blue marks. My son collected a number of these stones and piled them by our back door. It rained soon after and a grey-blue 'puddle' appeared beneath each stone. I thought, I should contact Caroline and ask her what these pigmented stones might be...and today I opened your email and it turns out you have been here all along. How wonderful! Hope you're enjoying your stay.

And of course...I'll certainly get my hands on a copy of Heidi's book. Sounds lovely.

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Puddles of coloured rocks are always a good sign of paint.

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Caroline, Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. D

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May 9, 2023Liked by Caroline Ross

Sounds great. Did a similar thing recently which is changing my life (thanks J and L).

Eat of the wild flesh.

Have no fear: now the Wild is

In you. Breathe deep. Live.

I can murder other forms of poetry for a small charge.

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