Yes, and I remember the early 2000s spectacular seen from our vantage point on the Scottish Border. This time I was in bed starting the first cold in more than 5 years, but on being roused managed outside in wellies into our rural dark. It was fainter and pale this time. Our daughter was very pleased however with this was her first experience. Yes, her phone images captured the colour frequencies better than the eye. I was told in the morning that later there was a setting crescent moon far to the north.

I again found the curvi-linear streaks an odd perspective, inside a tent thousands of miles across. The same was true of the Hale-Bopp comet a while back which took many days and nights to pass. I likened the comet at the time to Kronos galley, a silent thresh of oars.

PS This has been a mundane reminder as we peep out from under the protective screens provided by our magnetosphere and atmosphere, that there are less than clever plans afoot to put a lot of rocket debris up there in the next decades.

Spare a thought also for Jupiter, bless him, who has fielded some mighty fragments of comet in the past. His continuing role we can assume is a good thing. 😊

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Beautiful, Caroline.

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