I like this wayfaring journey, sailing alongside Caro’s boat, thank you! The ocean has many storms ahead and around us.

Fascinatingly my gut feeling and the rebel warrior in my inner world is shouting ‘don’t forget to pack sharp knives for ripping apart the nets and cutting loose!’ The nets that ensnare and trap us and our fellow travellers are just as important to prepare to deal with.

I’ve noticed though, that the world would rather I just sit quietly, make do and mend. I can definitely vanish into that. I enjoy it, but for me there comes a tipping point when the inner warrior breaks out for a shout and an ambush and a clash of metaphorical swords (though honed with practical taijijian skills). I did many years in protests, actions and then in Politics, in a way that had been unthinkable until I found that I could get things done ‘under-cover’ of a flag of convenience!

It always seems shocking to people when fabric is torn and seams are ripped apart. But it is also the way of the universe. The ripping and rending and ‘needle in cotton’ seem just as important to life and to healing and change, as the tending and mending and weaving!

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Mending is one of my favourite things. I love hand-sewing. Simplicity of the needle as a tool- what a Stone Age person wouldn't give for such a treasure!

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