Thank you for the poems and all. The sky people ... sometimes their voices ... am reminded of the lucky years, under dark skies with the dog beside me, Orion striding. I just turned to Keats, 'O thou whose face has felt the Winter's wind' ... and ... 'the black elm tops 'mong the freezing stars' You have had the promised Spring harvest-time!

Elms, how good to see; even our Wych Elms in the North have succumbed, though the hedge survives in part hope.

'Our' Tree Sparrows have fledged from behind the window frame and are in the hedge and the Rowan Tree.

I was thinking of perspective, depth and other geometries yesterday and came across this from the caves - and what Picasso said about it. https://archeologie.culture.gouv.fr/lascaux/en/themes-0 Thought you et al might like. Smile!

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Thanks again, Caro, for sharing your word-images with us. And for the heads up on the Dark Mountain request for sustenance. I'll keep an eye on that and post it through my Substack next week if it hasn't been fulfilled.

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Thank you Adam!

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Thank you so much. I fondly remember Lulworth Cove and Shell Bay from my childhood. If it was possible, my old woman self would cross back over the ocean to live there now.

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