So good to have your voice on here, Caro! Having been a beneficiary of your gift for thinking-together-through-writing-to-each-other over the years, I look forward to being able to share that with others. And definitely high time for you to show up in writing on your own terms and see what you want to say!

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Nov 24, 2022Liked by Caroline Ross

So happy to see you here Caro. ❤️

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Thank you for your open-hearted and inspiring words. So good to hear them spoken in your voice as well as written.

I came across you only yesterday, though I think we have a mutual taiji friend called Sam Masich who had mentioned you to me a while ago when he was staying with us at our home in Wiltshire, on the very edge of the New Forest. Probably something about the way I vanished early each morning with the dogs and a hammock and came back with photos of forest textures, stories of puddle-gazing and videos of spontaneous qigong under the vast canopy of ancient trees. I too am a taiji and qigong player, meditator and teacher of many years journeying. Also an artist in transition, between 35 years of very commercial illustration and writing for children but now tentatively approaching the moment to share my authentic truths, with paint and brushes and words, or whatever comes out of the environments I inhabit.

I am already really looking forward to your book and to hearing more about your world.

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Great minds... I bought that Bulgarian album for showing at the arts cinema I ran before a film. It's a classic! I can't remember which film I played it before but I had several 4AD albums.

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Thank you for this. I was directed here by Paul Kingsnorth and The Dark Mountain work that you were part of making. I am grateful for this chance to read more from your perspective and in something closer to “real time”. Best regards, Patrick

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Hi Caroline! Delighted to stumble across you here. Looking forward to still being able to see what you're up to despite my largely having dropped off the IG.

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Just dropping a line to say thanks--I noticed you subscribed to my blog. Dougald suggested I subscribe to yours, which I have; it's wonderful. You write great stuff.

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I stumbled in here somehow without quite knowing where I was or how I got here, and then -- boom -- there's a tiny picture of Dougald Hine (henceforth simply Dougald, the dark stranger). Sorry about the "boom". I hope it wasn't too loud!

Anyway, Yay! This is the serendipitous Substack of none other than Caro, who took Dougald on a rough trip through potholes in an amazing place to meet an astonishing man! Yay! https://dougald.substack.com/p/side-quest-completed

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Hello a savage in the Nicaraguan jungle here, a one-ármed Tarzan, a BullShip fighter, making sense of it. The problem with democracy is the same as with dictatorship, my boat, my rules, obey or obey, or else. Society or humanity has not evolved much, there are still wars.

The good thing is that my totalitarian instant classic posts get spread like Covid, LOL ! I am trending on social media ....

Well, trending, if you, my dear readers, pass it along, altogether now ! Here is a little appetizer !





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