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So much goodness, in all of this, not least anticipation of more to come :) I only discovered Dougald very recently, despite having had a solitary copy of a Dark Mountain book in my possession for quite a few years now: I have been listening to The Great Humbling, episode after episode speaking through my days, which has been enriching and comforting in equal measure. And he talks of you in that podcast with the frequency of a good friend, so I imagine your journey has been quite wonderful, despite that heavy bag! Love to you both, and thank you for your words and thoughts x

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Very glad you have meandered into D's spinney. I had forgotten he mentioned me on TGH, and that there are episodes I need to catch up on, so thanks for that. Welcome! If you enjoyed TGH you might really like Ingrid Rieser's podcast Forest Of Thought. https://forestofthought.com/

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Ooh, I'll have a listen, thank you so much x

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