Cup of tea, powerful traditional medicine

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“Most word-winders only want a tight thread, like that with which you make nets to string in the trees to trap migratory birds. They don't want to make soft, giving, yarn with which you can weave a shawl to wrap loved ones.”

Another wonderful post to start my week Caroline. Your piece today reminds me of one of my favourite essays, ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’ by the superb Ursula K Le Guin - no doubt you’re familiar with it?

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Your words this morning

stanch the blood loss

from an encounter

with a man carrying a knife in his voice /

Returning to the inward hearth

wound bound, guazed,

I blink in the firelight

and subscribe to your newsletter


to leave some small token for the medic

who has visited and healed me

before stepping back into the night

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Caroline, I'm intrigued by your line about the myth of the hero's journey belonging to the history of the Machine. Is there a source for this idea that I could explore further?

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This is a beautiful invocation, Caroline, a call to writers to hone our craft in a war-torn time. As you say, we are always at war somewhere. Let us try to touch that place with beautiful words. You've done that here. Thank you.

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Hi Leanna, thanks for your comments. I actually am not mentioning the 'hero's journey'. I am talking about the 'myth of the hero', by which I meant the idea that a lone person is the saviour of a situation, or is the only important protagonist in a story. I also touched on this last week in 'No Hero'. The 'hero's journey' is another, related, kettle of fish, but don't necessarily feel qualified to talk about. I hope that helps clarify things.

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My hands/gaze/heart-shield softened seeing your carvings. They’re really beautiful. Part of me suddenly believes I too could carve a small bowl one day, sanding it softly while whispering sounds of thanks into the wood. A vessel for sharing, for friendship and communion. Yes, this is something I’d love to learn and more so, give myself into.

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This was a good tonic. Thank you so much!

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