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Amongst grand beech trees in The New Forest

I post about Tao and the embodied life every week on Monday mornings at 7am UK time, bringing you new writing and essays from over 25 years practising and teaching T’ai Chi and making art where earth matters. Sometimes I post extra pieces: poems, events, news, and some simple Chi Kung (Qi Gong). All my regular writing is free for everyone, but I truly appreciate those who contribute with paid subscriptions. It makes a big difference to me being able to write and make art.

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I appreciate how hard times are for many people, so all the essay posts are free. Everyone can comment on all public posts.

There is a continuing series of Chi Kung posts (suitable for everyone) to express my thanks to my paying subscribers. In June 2023 I will begin an occasional Zoom meet up for those paid subscribers who’ve been keeping up with the Chi Kung. It’s surprisingly good fun doing it together, even via screens.

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Writing about Tao, the embodied life, and art where earth matters, with practical antidotes to the Hubriscene Age.


Caroline Ross

Art where earth matters. Artist, writer, teacher. www.foundandground.com www.greatrivertaichi.com www.instagram.com/foundandground